Black Flag Fit

(I snagged this description from the CrossFit Distinction Site since that is where Lindsey teaches this. We should modify the description as I don’t want to plagiarize from them. We should also get Lindsey’s input on the content.)
Black Flag Fit is our version of a bootcamp-style class. Black Flag Fit takes the emphasis off of heavy lifting and gymnastics and focuses more on the metabolic conditioning piece of CrossFit. These 60-minute classes consist of a warm-up, a 20-40 minute metabolic conditioning session, and lastly, some core work and stretching. This class is still based in CrossFit principles: constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high intensity. Due to the fact that there is no heavy weight used in a Black Flag Fit class, on-ramp is not required to attend these classes. You can show up, drop in, or be a Black Flag member.