Warm-Up: 400m “Indian Run”

Dynamic Flex:
– Lateral March
– Lateral Skip
– Lateral Lunge w/ Hip Gate
– CrossOver Step w/ Reach Back
– Inverted Toe Touch

Prehab/ Activation:
– Side Lying Windmill (Roller under knee): 2 x 6E
– Serratus Roll on Wall: 2 x 8
– SL Stand (eyes closed): 20 sec E

Team WOD:
3 Person Teams:
20 Minute AMRAP:
Person 1: 10 Goblet Reverse Lunges + 10 Burpees
Person 2: Plank
Person 3: Bar Hang (on Rig)
When person 1 finishes the Burpees, all three teammates rotate to the next station and so on (Person 1 rotates to plank, person 2 to bar hang and person 3 to lunges and burpee’s). You may only rotate when all the burpees have been completed…