Awesome week #Fam! Let’s have a little bit of fun today as we start our new cycle on Monday!

More awesome news… NOOMA will be in the house sampling (and training). See you in the A.M.!

2 min bike, run or row
5 min Freeze Tag

Dynamic Flex:
– Leg Swing Lunge w/Lat Flexion
– Reverse Spiderman
– A Skip x 2
– Up n Out (skip) Fwd/ Bwd
– B Skip (or Russian Skip) x 2

TEAM WOD (3 Person Teams)

30 Minute AMRAP
Station 1 (person 1): 10 Box Jumps/ 5 Pull Ups
Station 2 (person 2): 10 Burpees/ 5 KBS @ 70/53
Station 3 (Person 3): 300m Run w/ Med Ball 20/14

*Each team has 3 Stations with one person per station*
*Each person must complete the exercises and reps at their station before moving to the next station together.
*All teammates must wait for all to complete their designated work and must all rotate together.*

Saturday Challenge:
400m Barbell Overhead Walk 75/45

– Banded Lat
– Ham/Hip