Our Mission:
“It is the mission of Black Flag Athletics to utilize proper training patterns, techniques and methodologies in order to facilitate an increase in performance, decrease injury and enhance quality of life in a community based, peer driven environment.”

In order to better serve our mission, and in conjunction with the testing protocol that was administered 8 weeks ago, it is viable and important that we re-test the markers set forth in our original “baseline testing”.

– a “Test” as it pertains to fitness can be defined by any one or combination of the 10 components of fitness (Agility, Accuracy, Balance, Coordination, Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Strength, Stamina) completed at maximum work capacity.
– It helps you determine strengths and/or deficiencies.
– Evaluate your progress within the program
– Determine overall level of fitness

Now, I understand that we all may not be very concerned about one rep maxes or how many reps you can do, but I encourage you to look at the bigger picture and see your performance during these sessions as a way to measure your level of overall fitness vs. previous experiences and the progress being made.

Here we go…

1.) 15 Minutes to build to a 1 Rep Max Front Squat
2.) Max Effort Hand Stand Push Up (wall or pike) or Max Effort Hand Stand hold.
3.) Work Capacity: WOD For Time
– 4 Min Max Calories Row
– 1 Min Rest
– 3 Min. Max Effort Pull Ups
– 1 Min Rest
– 2 Min KB Swing 70/53
– 1 Min Rest
– 1 Min Shoulder 2 Overhead 135/95