Another great day of testing in the books! I know those long rowing workouts are not fun, but they need be to completed non-the-less to determine a system for developing long terms overall fitness.

Now that the long boring stuff is out of the way… on to the fun work!

Roll Out Upper Body/ Quad
WBV – 30 Sec Stand
4 Laps Around gym

Dynamic Flex:
– Floor Series (Wipers/ Leg Swings/ Scorpion/ Press Up/ Calf Raise)
– A Skip x 2
– Spider Man
– Inchworm with T Push Up
– Butt Kicks
– Light Jogs

15 Minutes to find a 1 Rep Max Clean.

WOD: Lactate Threshold Test
3 Rounds of:
– 200 yard shuttle Run/Sprint
– 6 Burpees
– 9 Thrusters @ 95/75
– 4 Min Rest
*Each round is to be completed as fast as possible – please record times for each round.*

– 200m Walk
– Lax Ball Foot/ Glute
– Roll out Quads/It
– Fab Four