HAPPY NEW YEAR #BlackFlagFam! Congratulations on an amazing year and a GREAT week of Testing! Since July 1, we have worked through various training blocks with a distinct goal for each training cycle. I appreciate your patience and faith in what we are doing. Below gives you an idea of what we have done and where we are heading!

BFA MacroCycle (35 weeks):

1.) Mesocycle 1 (10 week)
– Consists of two MicroCycles
a.) Micro 1 (2 week): DeLoad
b.) Micro 2 (8 Week): Body Weight Strength Acquisition, Movement Pattern Correction and Development

2.) Meso 2 (8 Week): Gymnastic Skill Acquisition, Olympic Technique/ Positional Development, Oxidative base development.

3.) Meso 3 (9 week):
– Consists of three MicroCycles
a.) Micro 1 (1 Week): Baseline Testing – Establish a standard of fitness measurement for staff to further enhance the overall training goals and quality of life.
b.) Micro 2 (7 week): Strength Development, Olympic Development, Gymnastic Positional Strength, Anaerobic Capacity, Work Capacity, Lactate Threshold.
c.) Micro 3 (1 Week): ReTesting of Baseline testing to assess progress, strengths and weakness for Open Prep.

4.) Meso 4 (8 Week): Open Prep

In other words, “There is a method to the madness!” 🙂

On to Saturday’s Workout…

– Low Crawl – 4 direction

5 Min EMOM
– 8 MB Burpee Catch (w/PArtner)

Dynamic Flex:
– 5 Push Ups plus
– Standing Windmill
– Inverted Toe Touch Fwd/ Bwd.
– Standing Windmill
– 5 Push Up Plus
– PVS Dislocates/ OHS

Gymnastic Fun:
– Partner Wheelbarrow Relays Races

Team WOD (3 People):
5 Rounds (only Person Working at a time
– 10 Cal Air Assault
– 10 Power Snatch @ 115/ 75