Hope everyone is off to a GREAT start for the new year!

Hopefully you had a chance to review some of the notes on programming from the post on Saturday and are looking forward to “THE OPEN” prep work for the next 8 weeks! We really encourage all of our members to participate in The OPEN this year as it is a great way to continue to measure and assess progress.

Throughout these next 8 weeks we will be focusing on acquiring the skills needed for the open, but don’t worry if you are having a difficult time mastering certain movements as there is always an opportunity to scale the workouts. That being said, we will pay special attention to Muscle Ups, Handstand Push Ups, Double Unders and Kipping Pull Ups (among other skills). Lastly, be on the look out for our “IN HOUSE MINI-CLINICS” to go over the finer aspects of some of these skills coming soon.

500m Row – No Strap/ Focus on Tech

Dynamic Flex:
– Scap Pull-up
– Hollow Rock/ Arch Rock
– “Sampson” Lunge
– Inchworm
– Air Squat
– Scap Pull Up + Pull Up

Gymnastic Skill
1.) Ring Swings: 3 x 10 (every 90 sec) – Active shoulders, Arms Straight with scap pulled back and down, squeeze glute and quads, toes pointed
2.) Horizontal Hip Drive and Pull (Feet on Box): 3 x 10 (every 90 sec) – Quads, gluteus and core tight, Toes pointed, fire gluteus and drive hips up, pull rings to bottom of the rib cage
3.) Seated Banded Transitions: 3 x 5-10 – Arms Straight, look up to rings (head behind rings), Pull up and punch head through the window, Strict dip if possible

For Time
80 – 60 – 40 – 20
Double Under
Air Squat
Cap @ 15 min

1a.) Super Man: 3 x 15
1b.) Banded Monster Walks: 3 x 25 yd (rig)

– Quad Smash
– Couch Stretch
– Lax Ball Calf Smash
– Wall Calf