First and foremost, a HUGE ‘Thank You’ to the members of the #BlackFlagFam that came out to Grafton over the weekend to support all those competing! We have an amazing community and it’s all because of you!

Second… CONGRATULATIONS to Rick, Jay and Michelle for WINNING the Master’s Division over the weekend. Great job guys!

Lastly, THANK YOU to all who took the opportunity this weekend to #RepTheFlag competing in Grafton at the Snow Ball Games. You guys were all amazing! Now….ON TO THE OPEN!

– 500m Row – No Strap
– Scap Push-Up
– Banded Straight Arm Pull Down

Dynamic Flex:
– Floor Series
– 3-5 Burpee Pull-up

Gymnastic Skill (The journey continues):
1.) Ring Swing: 3 x 12
2.) Horizontal Hip: 3 x 12
3.) Banded Seated Transitions: 3 x 7-10

10 Rounds for Time:
– 3 Dead Lifts: Men start at 225 and build every round – RX is 20lb jumps/ Women start at 185 and build every round – RX is 10lb jumps)
– 6 HSPU

1a.) Rear Dealt Raise: 3 x 15
1b.) Standing DB Press: 3 x 8

– First Rib Smash
– Roll T Spine
– Banded Ham – 3 Foot Postions/ Active