CrossFit Open Week 16.1! Great job with the training #Fam – Last week was our last hard prep week of the training cycle as we begin to taper a bit for the big day Friday. Please add name to dry erase board so that we can make sure we have enough judges to cover. Also, please let us know ASAP if you will be unavailable on Friday so that we can make other arrangements.

Also, Thanks to all of you who stopped out on Saturday for “Train Cleveland”! Your support is greatly appreciated!

2 Plate loaded walk
2 Rounds
– 1/4 Squat to Hip Abduction
– Static Goblet Lateral Lunge – Light
– Roll to Stand (pistol)

Dynamic Flex:
– PVC Mobility
– Barbell RDL to Snatch
– Sn. Gr. Push Press + OHS

Snatch: 2 Waves: 2@75%, 80%, 85%

10 Min AMRAP:
– 10 Box Jump
– 10 S2OH @ 115/75
– 10 T2B
Rest 5 Min
3 Rounds For Time:
– 3 Bar MU (Sub 5 Belly to Bar)
– 5 HSPU (strict)

– Speed Skater Lunge: 2 x 12

– Anchored Thoracic
– Roll Lat
– Twisted Cross/ Puppy
– Kneeling Hip Flexor/ Sprinter Stretch