– We are back to work this week so look for more volume and/or greater intensity based on the day :).

Something new…
– We will be adding a “Homework” section to the training to be completed on your own if you would like. This work will be very low impact and aerobic in nature, mostly done at a conversational pace. This will help in recovery as well as act as primer for increases in aerobic/oxidative performance. This work should be performed in the morning (if you train in the evening) or evening (if you train in the morning). Look for it starting tomorrow…

Warm-Up/ Dynamic Flex:
– Jog fwd/bwd x 4
– Inchworm + Straight Leg March
– Super Lunge
– A Skip Fwd/ Bwd

PreHab: 2 Rounds
– I, Y , T, W: 10xE
– Scap. Push Up: 12x
– KB Bottoms Up Carry: 50 Yd E

Gymnastic Skill: 16 Min Alt. EMOM (40 sec cap on all sets)
– 15 Push Ups (Banded if needed)
– 5 Box Jumps 30+”/ 24+” (step down)
– 3 + 5 sec. Ring Dip w/ Pause (banded if needed)
– 10 Strict Chin-Ups (Palms Up)

MetCon: 5 Rounds for Time
– 10 Burpees
– 20 Wall Balls
– 75 Yard Farmers Carry @ 70/53 (KB)

– Couch Stretch/ Extended Couch Stretch
– Twisted Cross
– Puppy