Great job getting back into it last week Fam! The next nine weeks will be devoted to developing and surpassing our absolute strength markers while increase our aerobic base (yes, it’s possible). We will also be working on developing positional strength and awareness for our gymnastics standards so that we can progress through the full movement standards with a limited potential for injury. Stay tuned as we will be doing some new things, while continuing to work and refine some of the old so that we all can continue on the journey of creating a better self! #BlackFlagFam

Pre Workout Mobility:
– Roll IT
– AIS Hamstring x 10E

Warm-Up/ Dynamic Flex:
– 3 Laps Around Gym
– Reverse Lunge with Twist
– Bear Crawl
– Roll to Hug/Stand/Pistol x 10

– I, Y, T, W 2 x 10
– Wall Slide 2 x 10

Gymnastic: 15 min Alternating EMOM
– 30 sec Stomach Facing Wall HS hold
– 15 Sec L-Sit (on Box)
– 10 Ring Row

3 Rounds: Row @ 90%
– 60 sec Row
– 60 sec Rest
Rest 4 min (not including rest on row)
3 Rounds: Shuttle Run @ 80-90%
– 60 sec Run
– 60 sec Rest

– 360 Shoulder
– Banded Side Body
– Super Stretch