Warm Up
Core Temp:
a. 30 sec ride/ 30 sec rest x 5
Soft Tissue:
a. Thoracic Spine
b. External Rotators
Dynamic Mobility:
a. Lateral March x 10 yds E
b. Lateral Skip x 10 yds E
c. Inchworm x 5
d. Lateral Lunge to Drop Lunge x 5E
PreHab/ Activation Series: 2 rounds
a. Bird Dog : 10xE
b. Deadbug (wtd): 10xE
c. Deep Squat w/ Alternating OH reach: 5xE

Thruster: 12:00 to find a heavy single

MetCon: 15:00 Alternating EMOM
– 10 T2B
– 3 Thrusters @ 70% of heavy single
– 30 sec. Row for max meters

– Fab Four
– Super Stretch

– Wtd. GHD Sit Ups: 3 x 8 AHAP