PreClass: Roll Lat/ T Spine

a. 2:00 Run, Ride, Row
Dynamic Flex:
a. Side Lying Windmill
b. Sumo Squat to Stand w/ Arms Extended
c. Back Roll (to Stand, pistol)
d. Hip Fwd/ Bwd (in rig)
e. Hurdler Fwd/ bwd (in rig)
f. PVC dislocates O/U
Specific Prep/ Technique:
a. 3 positon segmented deadlift
b. Quad Series (high pull, muscle, power, drop, OHS)

Olympic: Snatch EMOM: 7 x 1 @ 90% (warm up to 90% – 60%, 70%, 80%)

Strength: Single Arm DB Row: 4 x 8E AHAP (no bouncing) AHAP

13:00 AMRAP
– 500m Row
– 15 C2B Pull Ups

– Seated Straddle
– Banded Lat