Warm-Up: 3 Rounds
– 100m Jog w/ MedBall + 3 Burpees
– Musical MedBalls

Dynamic Flex:
– Spiderman Lunge
– Back Ward Lunge w/ Twist + Lateral Reach
– Sumo Squat to Stand
– 5 Pike Push ups

– Snatch Progression

10:00 EMOM – Snatch (building)

Partner MetCon: 3 Rounds
– 600m Run/ Hang from Rig*
– 60 KBS @ 53/35/ Plank Hold*
*When one person is running, the other must be hanging from rig.
*When one person is swinging, the other must be in a plank position (elbow or hands).
*Can break up workout however you like

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