CONGRATULATIONS on another amazing week of testing. Be on the look out for you an updated spreadsheet comparing your last testing numbers to the ones from last week. Hopefully you are happy with the improvements. If you would like to sit down and discuss your numbers, what they mean and your goals, let me know!

– Roll Lat
– Banded Ankle Mobility
– Floor Series

Dynamic Flex:
– PVC Mobility

10:00 EMOM
– 2 Snatch Grip Push Press + 1 OHS with pause (3 sec)
*start with bar and build
*Focus on positions

Midline/ Explosive Power
3 Rounds (not for time)
– 5 Hurdle Hop (stick the landing)
– 30 Russian Twist

20:00 Alternating EMOM
– 1:00 Farmers Carry
– 1:00 Bike
– 1:00 Walk with Plate Hug 45/35
– 1:00 Row

– Quad Smash
– Couch Stretch
– Lax Ball Calf Smash
– Wall Calf