“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”
-Maya Angelou


Before we get going, I want to ask you a simple question. 

Do you want to CHANGE?  

When I mean change, I am talking about making real, tangible change that will alter your lifestyle.  If your answer is no, then don’t bother reading forward because this post is not for you.  

I have a burning passion towards helping others reach their goals.  I find excitement and sheer joy in helping people do things they never thought they could do.  I’m talking about real change that extends into all facets of their lives.  

The goal of this post is to help you overcome your obstacles by changing what you do, how you do things, and ultimately develop consistency.  Make no mistake, to change, things will get arduous.  You will more than likely run out of motivation at some point and it may not seem sustainable. 

Adversity and life will happen whether you like it or not.  However, your ability to respond to these challenges is what will make you better.  In these moments, that’s when positive change happens.  

Over the next five minutes, I challenge you to stay present and open to the ideas that I have below.  By executing these ideas, you can turn in your life into one that you can be truly proud of. 


Let’s turn you into a well-prepared savage who executes daily. 



This is one of the most difficult questions to answer as it pertains to your lifestyle.  Answers like, “I want to lean out” or “I want to squat heavier”, do not count.  This answer needs to be specific and precise.  

Consider the following…

My father and I run ultramarathons together.  We ran our first 50k trail race together when I was a senior in high school.  Running together as a tandem provides us more than just father and son time.   Rather, one of the main results is how it developed this intense internal drive I have of wanting to be better than my Dad. It wasn’t until this year that I realized I crave this euphoric sensation of completing difficult tasks that my mind didn’t want to do.  I am confident that this feeling I chase of striving to be better than my Dad is what will give me success, especially when compounded daily.  


So, what do I want?  It’s simple. 


I want to be better than my Dad…

So much so that when my future kids see their dad moving, they would want to be like their father. I want them to look up to their dad and say he did it the right way, worked his ass off, and earned it. 



Are you unsure of what you want from your life?  Consider the following questions and write down your answers.  You may not be able to answer them all at once.  Be patient and let this exercise develop as your mind allows it.  Your answers may change overtime, especially as you develop further consistency in your life.


1. What do you have a passion for?

2. What made you work out in the first place?

3. How did you start working out?  What kept you going?

4. What obstacles did you face?  What did you do to overcome them?

5. At what point did you start seeing success in the gym?

6. Did your motivation change over time?  If so, how or why?

7. Why do you still come to the gym today?

8. What from your childhood excites you still to this day?


Save these answers somewhere you can easily access.  You will be reviewing these frequently.  Now that you have a ballpark idea of what you want, let’s begin to plan. 



“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
-Abraham Lincoln

As we said before, for change to happen, something has to give.  Ninety nine times out of 100, it will need to be your lifestyle and how you approach your day.  There will be some things you’re not going to like.  However, if we can reprioritize what you want from your life and what drives you, it will help you push through the times that aren’t as fun.  


Each week, I challenge you to take 30-60 minutes and utilize that time as a planning session.  My wife, Paige, and I take time each Sunday to sit down and have a check-in.  We cover what’s on our schedule for the week, what meals we plan on eating each night, the times we will train, when we work, a financial update, etc.  In this session, I encourage you to include your significant other, friend(s), or whoever you live with, and prepare the following: 


  1. Daily Meals (Dinner & Breakfast)
  2. Grocery List
  3. Training Days & Times
  4. Appointments
  5. Work Hours
  6. Sleep Schedule

Once all of this is determined, throw it into your calendar.  This is your framework for each day.  It’s advised to begin each day creating a daily task list that includes work related items, home & family tasks, and other priorities.

This preparation leaves you with just one thing: EXECUTE.



“Leaders have three fundamental responsibilities: They craft a vision, they build alignment, and they champion execution.”


The difference between those who see success in their health and in life and those who don’t comes back to their ability to pull the trigger when it comes to both decision-making and action.  

The execution phase could easily be considered the most important part of developing consistency.  Even with poor planning and preparation, someone can be successful by just deciding and taking immediate action on their priorities.  They don’t contemplate or think about working out, they just do it. They do it because it makes them feel whole and on track; it fulfills what they want from their life. 

That being said, being able to execute on your own health is the most important aspect to one’s fitness. The framework was created during your planning session, in terms of meals, groceries purchased, time of training, sleep schedule, all you have to do now is do the work. 

Oftentimes, this is easier said than done.  During your first two weeks of executing on your weekly and daily tasks, motivation will start to dwindle.  This is where you resort to your discipline and buy into the idea that the hardest days are the days that matter the most.  The times are numerous where I lacked the motivation or desire to want to work out or cook the meal we had planned.  But, 100% of the time that I completed the workout or home cooked meal, I never regretted it.  This process instills discipline. 

If you are looking to develop consistency in your life and in your health, there is no magic pill that I could give you that turns you into an efficient and healthy human.  But I can tell you that it happens through the times you have given up on yourself, the times that you learned from giving up, and the times where you decided to just get it done.  There is no consistency without discipline.  I encourage you to take this idea and run with it. 



Take your daily task list and weekly calendar and write it down on a white board or notebook.  As a way of staying present to complete each task, place your phone on  Airplane Mode so you won’t be disturbed while completing the task.  Depending on the length of each task, set a timer on your phone and complete AMTAP (As Many Tasks As Possible).  For example, if I have laundry, dishes, and cleaning to do, I may set a 30-minute timer and get it done.  This allows you to stay focused and time conscious, just like you would during a workout.  It’s all about being efficient with both your time and ability to take action. 



There are three stages to developing real consistency… Each step doesn’t happen without the one before it.  



Consider what drives you.  It should be well-thought out and written down.  It should spark a fire within and be relied on for motivation when needed. Why do something if you don’t have a passion for it?  Take your time and refine as you evolve in your health journey.  



Prioritize time each week to develop a weekly schedule.  It should include your family and work commitments, daily training sessions, meals, sleep schedule, etc.  Get someone else involved and share this schedule with them.  Sharing will drastically increase accountability.   



Even if you didn’t prepare, you can still create action by deciding to do the work now.  Although it’s not as efficient, the idea that you can pull the trigger on your priorities even when you don’t want to will create success.  There is no one other than yourself who is going to make it happen.  Take your plan and fire on it.  


If you enjoyed this post, please share with any family, friends, or individuals who would benefit from it.  I am always open to discuss these ideas, find ways to better help you find success in life, and spark passion.  Feel free to email me through my information below.  


Get After It.


Peter Nelson II, COO of Black Flag Athletics, is a fitness professional who takes pride in creating long lasting, positive change. Through an all-inclusive approach on fitness, Peter looks at all aspects of one’s wellness and creates an individualized program that meets the client’s needs.  Peter works with all ability levels from professional athletes, general population, injury rehab clientele, and students.  

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Paige, and dog, Dakota.  He is a hybrid athlete who runs ultramarathons and performs strength training concurrently.  He also enjoys hiking, traveling, and medium-rare steak!  

His Credentials Include:
Biomechanics Specialist (NESTA), Fascial Stretch Therapist (Stretch2WIn), Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, CrossFit L1, United States Weightlifting L1, and is Functional Movement Screen certified.

Email Peter at: pete@bfathletics.com