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24 hour access – fully outfitted facility – one flat monthly contract fee- commercial grade equipment – 365 day per year

Program Coordinator

Rachel Lauderbach

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About the Trainers Club

The Black Flag Trainers Club will provide a solution for indecently contracted personal trainers by providing these qualified trainers a fully outfitted training studio for one flat monthly fee.   More often than not, qualified trainers cannot sustain a livable wage as a result of the expenses associated working within a larger commercial gym setting.   These large commercial gyms often take as much as 70-80% of the trainer’s income, grossly underestimated the value and the impact that these personal trainers have on their clients.   We intend to create a structure that will allow trainers to retain a substantial portion of their income while creating a training environment for theses trainers to thrive.

Members of the Black Flag Trainers Club will have 24-hour access to the facility, 365 days per year, giving them the flexibility necessary to schedule their clients as they see fit.   Facilities are outfitted with ADA bathrooms, independent meeting rooms, and the best commercial-grade bodybuilding and functional fitness equipment on the market.


  • Must be a certified personal trainer through an accredited and/or reputable training organization – To be approved by Black Flag Athletics Management (copy of the certification to be held on file).
  • Must have personal trainer personal liability insurance
  • Must be willing indemnify Black Flag Athletics (Rini Training Systems)


Rachel Lauderback

Rachel Lauderback

Certified Personal Trainer/Program Coordinator

Derek England

Derek England

Certified Personal Trainer

Caleb Gannelli

Caleb Gannelli

Certified Personal Trainer

About Rachel

Rachel has been a health and fitness coach since 2013. With vast experience in the field of personal training, she is an expert in corrective exercise, physical wellness, and athletic performance. She has a passion for helping people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic ways possible. Working with clients ranging from beginner to advanced, she possesses the knowledge and personal experience to create programs that guide individuals to reach their full potential.

CPT; Certified Personal Trainer
ASFA; American Sports and Fitness Association

Crossfit – Level 1

IASTM; Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Hawkgrips Level 1 and 2

C.H.E.K. Institute
Scientific Core Conditioning Specialist
Scientific Back Training Specialist
Scientific Shoulder Training Specialist

Thai Massage Practitioner

Metabolic Analytics Practitioner

Neurological Typing Practitioner

PRI; Postural Restoration Institute
Postural Respiration Practitioner

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About Derek

My goal is to have the most positive impact that I can on the lives of the people I work with, helping them to become the happiest, healthiest version of themselves.
I have been an athlete my entire life stemming back to my youth where I played soccer competitively as well as on a collegiate level at Baker University. After transferring to Texas A&M University and completing my Bachelors degree in Sports Management, I had the distinct honor of working for the Texas Rangers Baseball Team for 10 seasons. I got to work with the team as they brought home their first American League Pennant in 2010! In 2014, our family took the plunge and relocated from Texas to Ohio and where I discovered CrossFit and have been active in the community ever since. I decided to obtain my L1 CrossFit certification, so that I could share my passion for functional fitness with others and help them to achieve their goals. One aspect of CrossFit I enjoy most is the body movement aspect, so in 2018 I completed the CrossFit gymnastics course. In 2019, I completed my USAW L1 Weightlifting certification as I feel that building a strong foundation of weightlifting fundamentals is essential, and I wanted to continue to educate myself so that I can be a resource to the athletes I train.
I believe there is no better feeling than inspiring people to engage in healthier lifestyle choices! Look forward to working with you soon.

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About Caleb

My name is Caleb Gannelli, I am a retired college hockey player from Kent State University. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Performance with a minor in Athletic Coaching. I specialize in sport-specific training while maintaining a focus on the overall health and wellness of my clients. I currently hold my CF-L1 and am an active member of the Black Flag Athletics coaching staff since May of 2018. I would love the opportunity to help you achieve your sport, fitness and overall wellness goals.

His Credentials Include:
CF-L1, CPR/AED Certificate, Bachelor of Science from Kent State University

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Coco Gerard

Coco Gerard

Certified Personal Trainer

Olivia Gilmour

Olivia Gilmour

Certified Personal Trainer

Peter Nelson II

Peter Nelson II

Certified Personal Trainer

About Coco
Being from an athletic and fitness minded family it would seem natural my interest follow. But it was my junior year of high school when my Love for fitness really blossomed. Black Flag opened me up to the next level of fitness and training! It was here, at Black Flag I realized I was born to teach! I began to coach and teach group classes and then I found my way to personal training with younger kids in our Athletic Development program. This experience opened up an entire new world for me. This new level of teaching and connecting with people and athletes has empowered me as a coach! My goal for making meaningful, healthy, trustworthy and grounding relationships through fitness was finally possible! My mission is to learn, grow and thrive with all my clients (athletes). The fitness world truly changed my life, I hope to help all find the healthy peace that I have found through my journey and be the guiding hand to get us, as a team to achieve their goals.

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About Olivia
My name is Olivia Gilmour and I am an exercise professional with a heavy focus on personal development and creating an environment that allows my clients to meet their tangible goals. I am a former Division II softball player and graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Exercise Science alongside a Exercise Specialist concentration. My goal as a coach is to improve your overall wellness through functional movement.

Her Credentials Include:
B.S. Exercise Science / Exercise Specialist,
Certified Sports Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition), CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CPR/First Aid Certified

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About Peter

Peter Nelson II is a fitness professional who takes pride in creating long lasting, positive change. Through an all inclusive approach on fitness, Peter looks at all aspects of one’s wellness and creates an individualized program that meets the client’s needs.

His Credentials Include:
Biomechanics Specialist (NESTA), Fascial Stretch Therapist (Stretch2WIn), Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, CrossFit L1, United States Weightlifting L1, and is Functional Movement Screen certified.

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Pawel Wencel

Pawel Wencel

Certified Personal Trainer

About Pawel
Pawel possesses close to 20 years of education, exploration, coaching and successful implementation of various training methods including Functional Training, Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Strongman, Powerlifting, Calisthenics and Bodybuilding. Always a student, the ever-increasing breadth and depth of his knowledge and experience allows him to leave no stone unturned to help develop complete well-rounded athletes and individuals.

He has worked with numerous clients with tremendous success from all sports and walks of life improving thier overall health and wellbeing, refining movement patterns and technique, developing coordination, balance and stability while increasing explosive power, speed, strength, and overall force development.

He himself is a former basketball standout as well as former basketball coach at Hawken Upper School. He has competed in both Olympic Weightlifting and Strongman. In addition to training clients one on one he is also the head coach of Black Flag Barbell Club. Maximize your human and athletic potential by contacting him directly at or (216) 482-6680.

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