crossfit kids

3 Days Per Week – fitness games – develop motor skills – develop a love for fitness


Program Coordinator

Michelle Krivosh


About CrossFit Kids

A fitness program specifically for children ages (4 – 7) & (8 -12).
The program meets 3-days per week and will focus on developing both gross and fine motor skill development through play and general physical training.
The one thing all of these sessions have in common is FUN!

Ages 4-7

Mon & Wed at 6:00 PM, Saturday at 9:30 AM

Develop a love for fitness through games, running, throwing, jumping, catching, climbing and more!

Ages 8-12

Mon & Wed at 5:30 PM, Saturday at 9:00 AM

Refine the skills learned in the younger class and increase their general physical prepardness so they can seamlessly transition into the CrossFit classes.

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