5 Days Per Week – 30 min classes – CARDIO focused – rowing – biking – running year round with indoor treadmills

About the Sweaty30 Membership

[ Combines both Sweaty30 & Rock The Bells Classes ]

A fitness program is for those who want to attend our “Sweaty 30” and “Rock The Bells” classes only.   Perfect for the athlete that does not want the intensity of our CrossFit classes, this membership will allow for athletes to get the benefits of traditional cardio training complemented with the low impact unconventional training methods utilized in our “Rock The Bells” classes.


The Sweaty 30 class is a coach-led class consisting of 30 minutes of continuous, high energy movement. Emphasizing energy system development through traditional cardio-based movements like rowing, running, biking, jump rope, and isometric holds, these classes can be a great supplement to your training, either as a recovery tool or to build a strong cardiovascular base.

Rock The Bells

This class will introduce you to a distinctly unconventional training method where we’ll be using a wide range of unique tools, including steel maces, battle ropes, suspension, and bodyweight training to prepare you for the imbalance found in the real world. This training will help you develop phenomenal rotational and core strength, improve balance, optimize stabilizing musculature, strengthen and improve shoulder and hip mobility, grip strength, and elevate your conditioning game to top it all off. We’ll also decompress for optimal active recovery so you can continue to raise your overall fitness, health, and vitality at Black Flag Athletics.

Sweaty 30 / RTB Classes Only
Cardio & RTB Classes Only
Membership for Sweaty30 & RTB Classes Only