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3 available programs – same programming as on-site classes – use your own equipment

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BFA Remote Programs

[ We offer 3 Remote Programs ]

We understand that during the COVID-19 Pandemic that some athletes might be hesitant about attending classes in-person. We also have had programming requests from athletes that are not in the Cleveland area and have their own home gyms. These are the reasons we are opening up remote access to 3 programs we offer here at Black Flag Athletics.

COMPETE (7-Days per Week)

Join the rest of the competitors in the BFA COMPETE program and follow along with the programming and get inspired and motivated by the other athletes in the program.

Barbell Club (5-Days per Week)

Get access to the BFA Barbell Club programming and train along with the rest of the club as you prepare for the next Olympic Meet.

BFA Strong (3-Days per Week)

This program will focus primarily on the core lifts, with a secondary emphasis on traditional bodybuilding movements. The main goal of Black Flag Strong is to have you feeling strong and looking great!
7-Days per Week
Get access to the BFA COMPETE programming
Barbell Club
5-Days per Week
Get access to the BFA Barbell Club programming
BFA Strong
3-Days per Week
Get access to the BFA Strong programming