Programs Available at Black Flag Athletics

Black Flag CrossFit

Black Flag CrossFit

Crossfit is for everyone, regardless of experience or fitness level – we welcome all levels of athletes.

It is the mission of Black Flag Athletics to utilize proper training patterns, techniques and methodologies in order to facilitate an increase in performance, decrease injury and enhance quality of life in a community based, peer driven environment.

The ultimate goal of Black Flag Crossfit is to improve fitness and general physical preparedness. We do this by efficiently combining the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and High Intensity Cardio. These 60-minute classes consist of a group led warm up, a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and/or conditioning piece, and group led cool down/stretch. Everything you will do is coach led at Black Flag Athletics. Our coaches are passionate and knowledgeable – they will help you reach your goals and have fun doing it!

Check out our class schedule and email us at to get started today!

RTS Competitor Program

RTS Competitor Program

The RTS Competitors Program at Black Flag Athletics is a comprehensive training program designed for dedicated athletes looking to compete in the sport of fitness.

It incorporates all facets of strength, power, skill and energy system development needed to compete on a high level.

What’s included in the RTS Competitor Program?

The program is designed as part of annual periodized plan allowing for a structured balance and progression throughout the year.

  • Maximize Fitness and Open Performance
  • Track, analyze and create performance metrics
  • Planned track of performance to minimize overtraining/ CNS and Endocrine fatigue
  • Structured for athlete to peak during CrossFit Open

Comprehensive approach consisting of a periodized training model utilizing designated training cycles consisting of:

  • Assessment and Reassessment Strategies
  • Intensity focused
  • Volume Focused
  • Functional Bodybuilding
  • Recovery Focused
  • Sport Specific Focused
  • Open Prep

The program runs 7-days per week (Includes Rest/Active Recovery Days)

Head Coach Tom Rini heads up this program so feel free to ask him any questions you may have. You can also email him at to get started today!

Barbell Club

Barbell Club

Official Olympic Weightlifting Club of Black Flag Athletics.

Cultivating a positive mindset, confidence, and an environment of trust through the development of mental fortitude and physical strength inside and outside of the gym, promoted through the pursuit of excellence in the Sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

The program runs 5 days a week:
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday@ 5:00-7:00pm
Saturday @ 9:00-11:30am

Contact Pawel Wencel at for more information.

Black Flag Plus

Black Flag Plus

Black Flag Plus

Black Flag Plus is a comprehensive training program that is designed to complement the class programming at Black Flag Athletics. The program is designed for those athletes who would like to add more volume to their training, prepare for an upcoming competition or have an ambition of becoming part of the RTS competitors’ program.

These sessions will last approximately thirty minutes and will be led by a coach from Black Flag Athletics. The Plus training will take place immediately after the 5:30am and 5:30pm classes with an emphasis on strength development, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics capacity and continued energy system development (conditioning).

The program runs 4 days a week:

The cost is $50 that’s added on to your current membership.

Contact Tom Rini at for more information.

Athlete Development

Athlete Development

BFA Athlete Development is a strength and conditioning program built to foster an athlete’s ultimate genetic potential. Through an integrated and athlete specific programming model, we will create sustainable and efficient biomechanical patterns, which translate to their respective sports. Our goal is to enhance sports performance through power, strength, speed, and movement development, create a strong core and conditioning base, and prevent injury.

The program is available by individual appointment

Coach Pete Nelson heads up this program so feel free to ask him(or any other coach) any questions you may have. You can also email him at to get started today!