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Improving Overhead Mobility - Pec Minor Stretch

Back with Tracy Back of Connected PTW at Black Flag Athletics as we continue discussing shoulder health and function as well as improving overhead mobility. In today's class Tracy covers the Pectorlis Minor (Pec Minor), what and where it is, the problems it can lead to if not taken care of, and how to open up the pec minor if it is "stuck" using this great stretch - movements with a massive impact. All in the video! SUBSCRIBE To The Black Flag Channel Here: #blackflagfam #blackflagmedia

Dead Bug Progression - Core Strength Development

A strong and stable core is crucial for protecting our spine and reducing stress on our low backs while training, especially with increased external load. Coach Pete discusses the key musculature involved as we demonstrate a great tool for core strength development and learning how to brace the core, the Dead Bug. We review the technique, points of performance, appropriate progression and suggested programming as part of your warm-up protocols. SUBSCRIBE To The Black Flag Channel Here: #blackflagfam #blackflagmedia

Black Flag Athletics Burn The Bird 2017

Join the Black Flag fam as we take a look back at this year's Burn The Burn. The annual Thanksgiving celebration raises and donates all proceeds to support the Cleveland Food Bank. Teams of 5 took on the following workout: 20 Minute Team Relay AMRAP: - 5 Calorie Air Assault Bike - 10 Ab Mat Sit Ups - 15 Air Squat to Med Ball - 10 Nurpees (No Push-up Burpee) - 5 Box Jumps Rest 5 Minutes 10:00 Minute Team Total - 1 Rep Max Deadlift SUBSCRIBE To The Black Flag Channel Here: #blackflagfam #blackflagmedia

Improving Overhead Mobility - Banded Lat Stretch

The Latissimus Dorsi muscles (aka Lats) take up a lot of real estate and have a lot of influence on both the mobility and stability of the spine, shoulder, and hip function. Keeping them strong and active is important but keeping the mobile is equally important. The banded lat stretch is not new, but are you doing it correctly to get the most out this powerful tool especially as it pertains to overhead mobility? Track Beck of Connected PTW provides us with a thorough description of the muscles and of how to perform the stretch in ways that will greatly facilitate improved mobility. SUBSCRIBE To The Black Flag Channel Here: #blackflagfam #blackflagmedia

Utilizing Unstable Surface - Balance & Coordination

How and why we should incorporate balance and coordination training? Tom and Pete are back to discuss both short and long term benefits including neurological efficiency by priming nervous system for the work ahead, injury prevention by preparing body for unstable movements, as well as to prepare the brain and body to work together to stabilize and control. SUBSCRIBE To The Black Flag Channel Here: #blackflagfam #blackflagmedia

Half Kneeling Position - Movement Analysis & Midline Stability

Usually done as part of our warm-up or strength accessory work, the half kneeling position is a great tool to add to your coaching and training toolkit for a myriad of reasons. Tom and Pete walkthrough and demonstrate the finer points of performance when executing the half kneeling press and half kneeling Arnold Press in this example. SUBSCRIBE To The Black Flag Channel Here: #blackflagfam #blackflagmedia