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Ready to Start?

Are you new to functional fitness and ready to transform your approach to wellness? At Black Flag Athletics, we’ve designed a comprehensive introductory program to guide you every step of the way.

What to Expect:

Initial Phone Call

  • Begin with a brief phone call to discover what awaits you at Black Flag Athletics.
  • Share your fitness goals with us, so we can tailor our program to your needs.

Private 90-Minute Introductory Session

  • Tom Rini, our Owner and Head Coach, will schedule a personalized 90-minute session with you.
  • Explore fundamental aspects of functional fitness and discuss your goals in detail.

Join a Regular Class with Tom:

  • Transition seamlessly into a regular class with Tom by your side.
  • Benefit from his guidance as you become familiar with our community and class structure.

Invest in Yourself

Our INTRO program is priced at just $99, offering you a holistic introduction to functional fitness with individual attention and a supportive community.

Why Choose Black Flag Athletics?

  • Expert Coaching: Tom Rini and our team of coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Community Connection: Join a vibrant community that supports and motivates each other on their fitness journey.
  • Structured Classes: Experience our well-organized class structure that ensures a balanced and effective workout.

Ready to take the first step?

Contact us today to schedule your introductory session!