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We have a burning passion for developing exceptional people and communities. We achieve this through our progressive, adaptable, and transformative programs that can be experienced both in-house at our flagship location in Avon, Ohio or with our community of online programming athletes.

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Prepare To Fitness! Fixing Common Flaws In Your Warm-Up Routine

As a fitness professional with experience designing programs for athletes of all levels—from highly competitive to weekend warriors—I’ve learned a lot over the years and made my fair share of mistakes. Programming can be nuanced, particularly given the diverse range...

Muscle Ups Don’t Matter: Embracing Principles Over Trends in Fitness

The fitness industry is a whirlwind of trends and influencers, each vying for attention with their latest, sometimes bewildering workout routines. While the allure of novel exercises like "ipsilateral triple banded, oscillating bosu ball squats" may briefly entertain,...

The Power of General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

At Black Flag Athletics, every 10 days or so, you’ll witness our classes engaging in what might seem like unconventional workouts: carrying heavy kettlebells, lugging sandbags, pushing and pulling sleds, and crawling in various directions. This isn’t just a random...

Why We Do Murph: A Memorial Day Reflection

As Memorial Day approaches and the whispers of "Murph" echo through the gym, many ask, "Why are we doing Murph?" This question holds a deeply personal answer for each of us. It could be because we have a loved one who was serving. It could be the challenge of...

A Tribute to Mom: The Ultimate Fitness Coach

My mother, like many mothers, is the strongest person I know. Not only did she raise six children, all of whom played sports, she worked hard to raise us and somehow managed to stay actively involved. Not only by showing up but by finding ways to create initiatives to...

Building Longevity and Quality of Life Through Intentional Training

With over 25 years of experience designing workouts for people, programs, and teams, the one thing I have learned is that it is essential to always maintain focus on the objectives of your training. Understanding these training objectives is crucial when creating a...

Embracing Olympic Weightlifting for Enhanced Fitness

In the realm of group fitness and professional training hubs worldwide, the discourse surrounding Olympic Lifts and their diverse iterations has been fervent among elite trainers. The debate over the efficacy and safety of movements like the snatch, clean, and jerk is...

Unleash Your Inner Athlete: The Essence of “Functional Fitness”

At Black Flag Athletics in Avon, Ohio, the atmosphere resonates with the rallying cry of "Be an athlete!" This mantra isn't just for seasoned competitors; it's for everyday individuals navigating the demands of work, family, and life. Why do we emphasize this? Because...

Why Work Out? Cultivating Long-Term Fitness and Wellness

Once a quarter at Black Flag Athletics, our coaches gather to delve into the intricacies of leadership, class management, coaching development, and communication strategies. These quarterly meetings serve as the cornerstone of our commitment to continuous improvement...

Returning To The Fundamentals: Strengthening The Basics

When many of us embarked on our fitness journeys, we were often still in grade school, where physical education classes introduced us to activities like kickball and dodgeball. Yet, amidst the fun and games, we were also exposed to fundamental human movement patterns:...

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