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We have a burning passion for developing exceptional people and communities. We achieve this through our progressive, adaptable, and transformative programs that can be experienced both in-house at our flagship location in Avon, Ohio or with our community of online programming athletes.

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Recent Blog Posts

Stop Looking At Your Watch!

I recently had an athlete ask me why they have such a difficult time "staying in the zone" and why there is so much heart rate fluctuation when training using different modalities. I had already known that Target Heart Zone Training can be inaccurate and can be even...


The line in determining the difference between fitness and sport has gotten thinner and thinner over the years. It can create confusion as to where and how to start a new fitness routine for many. Contained within these murky waters are some fundamental principles...


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” -Robert Louis StevensonAs a young child, I was fortunate enough to spend substantial time with my grandparents from both sides of my family.  I was taught how to be a man from both of my...

How 3 Minutes A Day Changed My Life

The benefits of daily cold-water submersion, why you should do it and how to ease into it. The concept of freezing yourself for 3-5 minutes a day either in a cold shower or in a cold tub seems like lunacy, but after adopting the practice and making it part of my daily...

How To Live Longer, Stronger

"Be an athlete!" - As you enter Black Flag Athletics in Cleveland, Ohio, you will have often hear me uttering these words to a group of men and women who we are training. Most of these people work regular 9-5 jobs, with families and the rigors and stress of life that...

The Key To Your Success In 2022

Starting your day with a routine can help you live longer, better. I never noticed the value of routine and its impact on my life until I lost it. As I reflect on my younger days, I now realize that a daily routine and the discipline that structure provided was a...

Communication and Common Mistakes – Coaching the Pregnant and Postpartum Athlete

Welcome to the first part of our multi part blog series on coaching the pregnant and postpartum athlete. In the first installment we take a look at common mistakes by athletes and coaches as well as key factors leading to successful communication between them. The...

HowTo Start Your Fitness Journey

Have you been thinking about starting a fitness routine, but you’re not sure where to start? It can be intimidating with all of the fads and diets you hear about daily. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective! Let’s get it started. There’s a number of...

How To Hit Your Daily Protein Goals

The number one question that I get asked when talking about nutrition at Black Flag Athletics is protein. “How much do I need to eat to lose weight?” “How much do I need to eat to gain muscle?” “How much protein is enough each day?” No matter what your goals are,...

The Four Ways To Strengthen Your Optimism

So many factors can influence the outcome of our daily lives. These factors may be positive, like receiving good news from a friend, or hitting a PR on a lift at Black Flag Athletics. These factors also have the potential to be negative, like a conflict amongst family...

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