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You set a new Clean Personal Record! You got your first Handstand Push Up! Now how can you keep the momentum going?

Olympic Lifts, HSPUs, Toes to Bar, Pullups, Muscle Ups, Pistols, etc. There are many “advanced” movements that many of us start off scaling.  As we continue to make gains in the gym there comes that point where we see the workout and say to ourselves “I can do a couple handstand pushups, butnot 50.”

Lets take this workout for example:
14 min AMRAP
– 5 HSPUs
– 10 Front Squats
– 15 Box Jumps

How can we continue to build on the gains we have made and implement these gains into the workout? I encourage you to be positive in your mindset. We have an opportunity in this workout to continue improving on these “advanced” movements. We all start somewhere in our fitness journey. Here are a few example on how to scale and get some “unscaled” reps in too.

Black Flag Athletics

Example 1:
16 min AMRAP
– 1 HSPU + 4 A-Frame pushups
– 10 Front Squats
– 15 Box Jumps

Example 2:
16 min AMRAP

– 2 HSPUs + 3 A-Frame pushups
– 10 Front Squats
– 15 Box Jumps

You did example 1 and got 7 rounds!… You’ve just done 7 HSPU’s in the workout! When the time is right and there is a similar workout maybe you try 2 HSPU’s per round. And that’s how it all starts my friends 🙂

Celebrate these gains. Be proud of yourself. It’s a journey and we ALL start somewhere.

Start yours with us at Black Flag Athletics.

James Bernot


Jimi started CrossFit back in 2012. As his love for the barbell grew so did his love of coaching. Since 2013 Jimi has been coaching CrossFit and Weightlifting. He is relentless in his education for all things strength and conditioning. There isn’t too many things he enjoys more than sharing his experience and knowledge of health and fitness. 

He holds the following professional certifications:

⁃ USA Weightlifting Level 1
⁃ CrossFit Level 1
⁃ CrossFit Weightlifting
⁃ CrossFit Strongman
⁃ CF-Competitor’s Course
⁃ CF-Movement and Mobility