GREAT JOB to everyone who completed the 2016 OPEN! You guys were awesome and I am so proud to each and every one of you. I also sincerely appreciate the efforts of the entire coaching staff and the members of the #BlackFlagFam that took the time to judge our athletes. The success of the OPEN was because of you. Thank You All! Now…. Back to Work :)!

– 10 Minutes of Rolling
– 10 Minutes of Dynamic Flex

MetCon: 28 Min Alt EMOM
– 1:00 Row at Moderate Pace
– 1:00 Air Assault at Moderate Pace
– 1:00 Walking MB Hug 20/14
– 1:00 Farmers Walk @ Moderate Weight
*Keep moving entire EMOM

– Supine Banded Ham w/ Distraction
– Anchored Banded Frog
– Couch Stretch + Extended Couch Stretch
– Puppy Pose