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So many factors can influence the outcome of our daily lives. These factors may be positive, like receiving good news from a friend, or hitting a PR on a lift at Black Flag Athletics. These factors also have the potential to be negative, like a conflict amongst family members, or a minor injury. Regardless, working on developing a positive mindset will help better prepare you to handle all of life’s challenges. Here are a few tips that will help strengthen your optimism:


1. Switching your perspective – Try to look at each new challenge as an opportunity for growth and progress instead of an obstacle in your way.


 2. Daily journaling – While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, make a gratitude list and set your intentions for the day. If you are feeling any worry or stress, write that down too! Clear your head by placing your thoughts on paper and be open and ready for a great day!


 3. Positive self-talk – We are definitely our own worst critic at times. Notice if you have negative self-talk or discouraging thoughts about yourself. Once you recognize that behavior, replace the negative comment with a positive one. Thousands of thoughts go through our minds daily, don’t troll yourself, instead be your own biggest fan.


4. Support – Surround yourself with people and/or a community who support and genuinely care about your wellbeing. Support from a group or other individuals will only encourage your positive mindset to expand further and help to build resilience.

You have the power of choice.


Choose to approach your day with positivity and optimism, because life feels so much better with a smile on your face.
Coach Mandi Bernot


Coach Mandi has been functional fitness-ing/Crossfiting for 10+years. She has a passion for people and helping them through their fitness/wellness journey ❤️??.

Married to Coach Jimi and they have 2 dogs. In her spare time you can find her training in the gym, reading a book, or outside doing something fun!

She holds the following Professional Certifications:
Crossfit L-1
Crossfit Strongman
Crossfit mobility