A Note on Programming:
We are now moving into week five of this seven week cycle and will be retesting in week 8. The goals of this cycle are as follows:

1.) Build Total Body Strength (Squat)
2.) Improved kinesthetic awareness (balance, coordination, movement pattern, body control)
3.) Positional Strength (gymnastics)
4.) Anaerobic Capacity enhancement (lactate Threshold) through work/ rest
5.) GPP – General Physical Preparedness/ Constantly varied stimulus
6.) Weekly Oxidative Team/ Partner (long)
7.) Injury prevention

The previous 8 week cycle built a foundation (body weight strength, creating efficient movement (olympic lifting, squatting), work capacity (the amount of work being done with a certain time domain using many different modalities (movements/ exercise) of training) and neurological and/or neuromuscular adaptation. Allowing us to build enough strength within proper movement patterns and positioning. This is critical to limiting the incidence of injury caused by chronic poor movement and thus increase performance. It is of absolute importance to create true, sustainable strength/ power development through proper movement, as chronic poor movement will almost always create injury due to improper coordination of integrated muscle action.

The periodization is being administered in an undulating pattern allowing for waves of high volume/ low intensity and vice versa, at times implementing both. Thus the reason for constantly varied percentages, sets and reps. The better trained one is, the greater the chance for accommodation to occur.

Upon completion of this MesoCycle we will commence an Open Prep Cycle that will consist of three to four MicroCycles leading into the open.

– Side Lying Adduction/ Abduction: 30E
– 10 Air Squat
– 5 Laps Around the gym

Dynamic Flex:
– Sumo Squat to Stand
– Forward Lunge w/ Lateral Flexion
– A Skip forward/ Backward
– Russian March
– Squat Jump

(Every 3 Minutes complete 3 back Squats and 3 Strict Pull Ups)
1a.) Back Squat: 5 x 3 – Build to a 3RM for day
1b.) Strict Pull – Up w/ Controlled Eccentric: 5 x 3 (wtd if possible)
2.) Max Effort Kipping/ Butterfly Pull-Ups: 2 sets/ Rest 2:00

For Time:
40 DU (80 SU)
500m Row
80 DU (150 SU)
500m Row
40 DU (80 DU)

1.) Goblet Lateral Lunge: 2 x 10E

– Roll Out Lat/ IT
– Standing Stradle
– Banded Lat/ Low Lat (kneeling)