2:00 run, ride or row
– Alternating Spiderman
– Sumo Squat to Stand
– 30 sec. Handstand Hold (on wall)
– MedBall (reverse) Scoop Toss (outside) 10E

MetCon: 5 Person Teams
5 Rounds for Time
1. 30 Foot Elevated Push Ups
2. 20 Box Jumps
3. 30 (15E) DB Strict Press 40/25
4. 20 Cal Row
*Finisher 400m Barbell OH Carry @ 45 (may break however you like)*

**Four people work while the fifth person rests – all athletes must rotate together and all must start working at the same time.
***Upon completion of 5 rounds, all 5 athletes must work together to walk 400m with a 45lb barbell Overhead

– Coaches choice

BONUS: 10 Tire Flips for Time